M-Health Revolution Coming to Africa

Medical nurse uses a mobile phone in Accra, Ghana
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The Zimbabwean recently reported on the mobile healthcare (m-health) revolution is taking place in Africa now. Governments, mobile service providers and application developers are finding ways to integrate health into the burgeoning mobile industry. Sanlam, a South African healthcare delivery company, is partnering with MTN, which has services in 22 African countries to bring m-health to subscribers. This will enable mobile phone users to use their phones to find out what is ailing them, and whether they can self-medicate or need to see a doctor. Cloud computing will also be used, eliminating the need to have a smart phone to get access to these services. M-health was recently rolled out in Kenya and South Africa and has seen success so far. As m-health spreads across the continent, questions about privacy arise, but supporters have relegated privacy concerns to the background, saying that prevention and care are Africa’s most pressing needs at the moment.

The full article can be found here.

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